Chalfont League

We have several teams that play in the Chalfont and District Badminton Association League. For this season (2015/2016) they are:
Ladies1Julie M (C), Jane S, Kendra G, Rowan F
Mens A1Steve H (C), Doug G, Kane S, Keith B, Paul S, Zack D
Mens B2Nick B (C), Dave R, Iain D, Liam C, Paul W, Raj S
Mixed A1Charlotte M (C), Kendra G, Rebecca S, Glen S, Mike L, Zack D
Mixed B2Paul W (C), Becky C, Jacqui R, Julie M, Liam C, Nick B

For fixtures, results and other information on the Chalfont league itself go to the Chalfont & District Badminton Association website.

CADBA Knockout cup winners 2013/14