Joining Dragons Juniors

What to expect at a session

Sessions include games and coaching from Badminton England qualified coaches.

How old do you need to be?

Although there is no lower age limit to join the club, we require a minimum standard of skill so that coaching can still be effective with a large number of players. We would generally expect you to be between 6 and 16.

What standard do you need to join?

You must be able to consistently hit an underarm serve into the correct service court and be able to keep a gentle rally going with a competent partner. At this level, we can begin to coach you to improve.
You can get yourself to this level by practising at home with friends, parents, brothers or sisters, or by attending one of the beginners courses advertised at Badminton Wycombe (phone 01494 436200 for details of available courses).


For all enquiries please contact Peter Statham at